5 Ways Bungie Could Make Armor Lock Less Overpowered in Halo: Reach

Armor lock is one of the most complained about features in Halo: Reach and is said to be way too powerful – and overused. Whether you’re a fan of armor lock or not, you’d have to agree that it’s a bit overpowered. What other armor ability, power up, or feature in any Halo game allowed destroying vehicles, invincibility, a harmful EMP burst radius, shed sticky grenades, and gave enemies an opportunity to recharge their shields all at the same time? Armor lock is most certainly overpowered and following are several ways to keep armor lock in Halo: Reach, all while making it less overpowered.

Delay Consecutive Armor Lock Times

One of the most annoying things about armor lock is the fact that characters can spam the armor lock more than once and gain an unfair advantage when they would have otherwise been dead. I’m not totally opposed to allowing Halo: Reach players the ability to armor lock more than once, but I definitely feel that adding a delay between armor lock would make players think about how and when they use armor lock – instead of cheaply spamming in and out of armor lock to throw sticky grenades, melee, or run away before spamming armor lock for the second time. The verification of the gaming websites is important for the developers. The tactics and tricks of the playing should be registered under the 토토사이verification websites.

Sticky Shedding Deactivated

I understand why Bungie decided not to let players get stuck with sticky grenades while they’re in armor lock [players would just stick and kill armor lockers, duh], but why Bungie allows sticky grenades that are stuck to armor lockers before they go into armor lock to be shed off while in armor lock; I have no idea. Sticky grenades used to be sacred and throwing a sticky grenade across the map or even sticking a player with a sticky grenade up front brought a thrill like no other in other Halo games – and now that thrill is turned to crap when that stuck opponent goes into armor lock.

EMP Should Affect Vehicles Only

When a player goes into armor lock an EMP burst is shot out that damages nearby opponents and vehicles – and it ‘ s a huge load of crap. In effect allowing armor lockers to hurt players while entering in armor lock gives armor lockers a “I can hurt you, but you can’t hurt me” complex and provides an unfair advantage for the overpowered armor lock ability.

Kill the Frosting

After coming out of armor lock a player is given yet a second dose of invincibility momentarily as they “frost” away their armor lock. While an armor lock is frosting they can’t be sniped, grenaded, rocketed or hurt in any way and it gives armor lockers an opportunity to flee or retaliate after armor locking. Frosting needs to be axed from the countless other armor lock perks in order to make it a more balanced armor ability.

Armor Lock – Not Locks

In order to make armor lock totally fair – in the scheme of armor abilities – armor lock should only be allowed one time before the armor lock armor ability reloads. Every other armor ability has a weakness and giving armor lock a one-time use before recharging rule wouldn’t completely fix the armor lock armor abilities overpowered problem, but it would definitely help.

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Nintendo Wii Vs Xbox 360: Which is Better?

When looking to purchase a console there are three choices. The Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. Each console offers something unique and can provide entertainment to a wide audience. I will be focusing on the two consoles I own, giving a few pros and cons of each and ultimately deciding which is better in my opinion by the end of this article.

Unless you want to play Situs Domino99, wherein you must use mobile phones or PC, these options should help you:

Nintendo Wii

We will start with the Nintendo Wii. This console was elusive early in its release, and getting your hands on one was very difficult because of all the hype surrounding it. Featuring a brand new control system and a roster of games to cater to new, casual, and younger gamers. Will this console take the top prize of best console? Let’s find out by reviewing some pros and cons.


One of the Wii’s best features is its brand new control scheme. Instead of using a controller you use a sort of “remote” that can sense your movement along with an attachable joystick. This feature makes the Wii very entertaining while playing party games and games that require a lot of movement which you can imitate at home and really pretend that you are in the game.

Avatars were a neat little feature. They allow you to create a character that looks like you and actually allows you to play as that character in many of the games, such as Wii Sports. Although a little gimmicky after a while I think this feature is ultimately a pro for the Wii.

The last pro I want to mention is the Wii’s overall game lineup and play style. It allows casual gamers, who may have very little time to play videogames to enjoy their games. This also applies to people of all ages who have never played a videogame to jump right in, learn the controls, and enter into their own virtual world.


The Wii remote control is a double-edge sword of sorts. While offering an entertaining means to play videogames, it can also lead to an annoyance for longer gaming sessions. You can experience muscle fatigue and even stop playing a game for the sheer fact that you are too tired, even if you would like to continue.

Graphics are also a con of the Nintendo Wii. They are reminiscent of the previous generation of consoles rather than a step forward. Textures seem sub par compared to the other two consoles. If graphics are important to you then the Wii might not your first choice.

My final gripe with the Nintendo Wii is its online system. The online games are few and far between when compared to the other consoles, and the performance of Wii’s online servers are very lacking when trying to find other players, connection speeds, and everything else in general. The Wii does offer classic Nintendo games for download, but this doesn’t make up for all of its problems.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is a popular choice for more hardcore gaming fans. It offers a wide range of first person shooters and a great online system. The Xbox 360 was the first console to be released in this generation, and is a new comer in terms of console history, having only one previous installment, the Xbox. Will the newcomer sweep up the top console award? Lets find out.


The online system is probably the biggest pro going for the Xbox 360. Called Xbox Live, it offers gamers the ability to easily connect with other gamers around the world to face off, or cooperate in playing their games. It also features an arcade game downloading system for game add-ons, stand-alone games, and original Xbox games, and much more. Xbox Live is generally very reliable, rarely goes down, and the games are popular enough so you can find someone to play with at almost any time.

Graphics and sound are a definite pro for the Xbox 360. Whether it’s beads of sweat dripping from a boxer’s forehead or an explosion from a rocket, you will be able to see every detail in your Xbox 360 games. Sounds and music are clear and allow for great voice acting in games.

Ease of access is another thing the Xbox 360 can boast. Everything about the console is easy to use, whether you want to watch a DVD, play a game, or download content everything is automated. Just pop in the disc and it plays it automatically and DVD discs can be operated with your controller without having to buy a separate remote, unlike with the original Xbox.


The biggest con with the Xbox 360 is that its games cater mostly to the hardcore genre, and is mostly unfriendly for people who don’t play games often or have never played before. Although some arcade games up for download offer some choices for the casual gamers.

Online for the Xbox 360 is not free. It costs around $50.00 for one year of service, and additional attachments (such as a wireless adaptor) can be costly. This may be a big bill for teen gamers who may not have much money to pay for games and online play, although you do get much more than what you pay for in terms of online service.

So which is the better console?

In my opinion, from playing both consoles offline and online, and playing many of their games I would have to choose the Xbox 360. I do enjoy the Nintendo Wii, but a lot of its features seem gimmicky and don’t seem to be quite integrated well enough yet.

The Xbox 360 offers excellent online services and offers a wide arrange of games with excellent graphics, music, and voice acting. The online arcade game and game add-on system allows you to download games from the convenience of your own home, also offering you the ability to download movies and TV shows through different applications. Congratulations Xbox 360 you have won!My award to you is in the mail.

Addictive And Interesting Poker Games

Games are really addictive and can really be played anytime and anywhere. Moreover, once you start playing these games all you want to do is play these games every time you get a chance to. Moreover, poker games are not only fun to play but also are so addictive that people go crazy no matter what happens. Moreover, these games are very addictive in their own nature and poker games are not only as designed in that manner and they are always fun to play and relax from the normal schedule that people usually follow and pkv games rive you the exact this kind of video games.

Very addictive video games

Video games are very addictive in the very nature as it was designed in such. Not only children but even adults are addicted to video games just the difference is the type of games. Moreover, poker games are not only the best part that could be played anywhere and anytime but they can also help you some real money even fast. There are various types of games that people fantasy and with that, there is exactly that is given to them by the game’s developer. Various games like: –

  • Card games

Card games that can really be addictive and since it has been for a long time since the beginning then these games and after being online they have been the best in the business.

  • Other poker games

Other poker games that can be played are like betting and others which are not only addictive but also one of the best ways to make easy and fast money.

These games are the best in business and with the gaming company that has been going to take that to the advantage of the people but people find it very exciting, addictive and can also help you make money! Isn’t it all exciting?