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Super Mario-Themed Birthday Parties Ideas for Kids

My son just turned 5! His ideas for his birthday celebration included Pump-it-Up (an indoor play-space), Bowling, or Kidville. My wallet thought otherwise. I knew I wanted to have a party at-home to avoid the unneccesary costs and keep things in my own control. I knew my son was bonkers for Super Mario (he is an avid Wii player to my dismay!) Nonetheless, I bribed him with a Luigi Pinata I found on Ebay! I knew that none of the Colorado casino events will excite him as much. I showed him the Pinata and told him he could only get it if he agreed to have an at-home party! Well…he fell for it. But, it was at that moment that I realized I had o step up and complete the party.

Super Mario themed birthday games:

  1. Themed Pinata.

Ebay and Etsy are great places to search for Marion themed Pinatas…including, Luigi, Toad or Princess Peach.

  1. Pin the tail on the Yoshi (or Donkey Kong).

For my son’s party, we did Yoshi, because, well…he was much easier to draw. I got a large poster board and constructed a Yoshi who was missing his tail. I then used another poster board to cut out triangular tails. I attached tape on each tail and viola!!! The kids had an absolute blast! As a prize, each child got a punching balloon either Mario or Luigi color (Red or Green). Rather than having one kid win, I thought that it was more appropriate to let each child play until they won–the outcome is much more 5-year-old-proof!!

  1. Coin Collectors!

One of the fun activities in Mario Kart Wii is coin collecting. I took this idea, and played it out in our party. I bought dozens of chocolate gold coins from iParty and hid them all around the house. The kids all had a plastic bag and collected as many coins as they could. You could also do this hunt outside if the weather permits.

  1. Yoshi Egg toss!

For this you just need to put some green spots on white eggs and do an egg toss. Very simple, very fun!

  1. Dress up/ Fashion show!!

Get some Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad costumes and allow the children to dress up in each and put on a Mario themed fashion show or sorts!! This will also allow for many Halloween costumes for the future, or younger children!!

  1. Pass the Bomb!

For this game, it would be fun o buy a little bomb (as seen on Super Mario Wii). I actually found a replica of this bomb filled with candies at iParty. You have the children sit in a circle, and turn on Mario video game music, while the kids pass the bomb!! Whoever is holding the bomb when the music stops is out, until there is one child left!!

These birthday games will ensure your child has a fun-filled birthday party at-home! It’s-a-go-time!!

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