5 Ways Bungie Could Make Armor Lock Less Overpowered in Halo: Reach

Armor lock is one of the most complained about features in Halo: Reach and is said to be way too powerful – and overused. Whether you’re a fan of armor lock or not, you’d have to agree that it’s a bit overpowered. What other armor ability, power up, or feature in any Halo game allowed destroying vehicles, invincibility, a harmful EMP burst radius, shed sticky grenades, and gave enemies an opportunity to recharge their shields all at the same time? Armor lock is most certainly overpowered and following are several ways to keep armor lock in Halo: Reach, all while making it less overpowered.

Delay Consecutive Armor Lock Times

One of the most annoying things about armor lock is the fact that characters can spam the armor lock more than once and gain an unfair advantage when they would have otherwise been dead. I’m not totally opposed to allowing Halo: Reach players the ability to armor lock more than once, but I definitely feel that adding a delay between armor lock would make players think about how and when they use armor lock – instead of cheaply spamming in and out of armor lock to throw sticky grenades, melee, or run away before spamming armor lock for the second time. The verification of the gaming websites is important for the developers. The tactics and tricks of the playing should be registered under the 토토사이verification websites.

Sticky Shedding Deactivated

I understand why Bungie decided not to let players get stuck with sticky grenades while they’re in armor lock [players would just stick and kill armor lockers, duh], but why Bungie allows sticky grenades that are stuck to armor lockers before they go into armor lock to be shed off while in armor lock; I have no idea. Sticky grenades used to be sacred and throwing a sticky grenade across the map or even sticking a player with a sticky grenade up front brought a thrill like no other in other Halo games – and now that thrill is turned to crap when that stuck opponent goes into armor lock.

EMP Should Affect Vehicles Only

When a player goes into armor lock an EMP burst is shot out that damages nearby opponents and vehicles – and it ‘ s a huge load of crap. In effect allowing armor lockers to hurt players while entering in armor lock gives armor lockers a “I can hurt you, but you can’t hurt me” complex and provides an unfair advantage for the overpowered armor lock ability.

Kill the Frosting

After coming out of armor lock a player is given yet a second dose of invincibility momentarily as they “frost” away their armor lock. While an armor lock is frosting they can’t be sniped, grenaded, rocketed or hurt in any way and it gives armor lockers an opportunity to flee or retaliate after armor locking. Frosting needs to be axed from the countless other armor lock perks in order to make it a more balanced armor ability.

Armor Lock – Not Locks

In order to make armor lock totally fair – in the scheme of armor abilities – armor lock should only be allowed one time before the armor lock armor ability reloads. Every other armor ability has a weakness and giving armor lock a one-time use before recharging rule wouldn’t completely fix the armor lock armor abilities overpowered problem, but it would definitely help.

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Top 3 Games For Both Ios And Android Players

Are you an avid gamer? Do you have friends who are equally into gaming just as you are? Do you and your friends often have a debate on which platform is better for gaming purpose- iOS or Android? Don’t you worry anymore because we have found a way to end the debate once and for all.

Here is a list of top games that we have shortlisted for you. What makes them unique? These games can be played both in the iOS and the Android platforms.

  1. Spaceteam

This is a multiplayer game, just like all pkv gambling games which requires more than one player to play the game. It requires all your friends to be present in the same space physically. The game is about you and your group of friends in a spaceship and nothing is going right. You will have to keep going in your course by working together. At the end, with increasing speed and chaos you all inevitably end up crashing and dying.

  1. Words With Friends 2

As its name reads, it is an upgraded version of the game “Words with friends”. This is a multiplayer game as well. You can play this game with your friend or any stranger online. Each of you will take turns to spell out words to get points. There are a lot of other challenges as well. For example, the “lightning round pit challenge” where you are divided into two teams with five players each. Whoever will be able to score a certain benchmark of points the fastest will win the challenge.

  1. Vainglory

It is a multiplayer online battle arena. This game allows you to make a team of three or five to play against another team of three or five respectively. You can choose one of your favorite hero characters from the 40 options that will be available to you. You will have to go head on head against other teams to destroy their vain crystal before they destroy yours.