All you are required to explore about the History of Playing Cards

Playing cards may seem to be a modern game to your but it has a long history that you should know about. It has its roots in middle age Europe and Asian countries. If you wish to know about the earliest reference of playing cards, then it dated back to 10th century Chinese literature. But it had no specific indication or marketing of the game starting. You should explore different aspects of 카지노 to know about it in detail.

More on its origin

In regard to European origin of Playing Cards, it first appeared in the Europe in 1370s. It was probably Spain or Italy where this game was first played. The merchants of Egypt came to these countries and played this game among themselves. These first Playing Cards in Europe were basically hand-painted that were generally considered as the luxury goods for rich people out there. 

On the other hand, there was wood-black printing of these cards during 15th century that largely decreased its production cost. It was Germany where it was first seen. It was then spread to France later. The reduced production cost made the Playing Cards even more popular in other European countries in the best way possible. In France, in around 1480s, the painting of the cards were made through the stencils which is a unique practice resulted from distinctive design of the suit marks. This design has later become international due to its sheer popularity around the world. What we call clubs, diamonds, heart and spades in English used to be trefle, carreau, coeur and pique etc. 

The impact of reduced cost of Playing Cards

The effective cost reduction really made the Playing Cards even more popular. On the other hand, it also increased its inherent benefits over several other indoor games. In that time, there were some other popular indoor multiplayer games such as dice, gambling and chess. But gradually, Playing Cards became more popular than these games eventually. This game was specifically got more popular among women which ultimately propelled its spread even more. 

Later there were advancements in manufacture and printing of the Playing Cards revolutionized this game to the fullest. Then a lot of companies started manufacturing these cards for the players. 

The geographic influence

There is intense geographic influence on the Playing Cards that has revolutionized how this game is played. It has gone through different design, painting and manufacturing processes to get its modern look. 

So it can be said that this game first started his journey in ancient China. In around the same time, is also appeared in East and Europe. Then after several changes and alterations, this game came to be what it is now. In Europe, countries like Italy, Spain and then Germany impacted the Playing Cards game most. From Europe, this game later spread to the United States of America. Then gradually, it happened to spread in all the countries around the world. Hence, it can be said that is no single country or place where this game had its origin.