Notre Dame Football Mythbuster

Notre Dame has lost their last 9 bowl games dating back to a 1994 victory over Texas A M; in the Cotton Bowl. They are 0-3 in BCS games, losing their last two games by a combined total of 75-34. Last season they only lost three games but gave up a combined total of 132 points in those losses.

Despite these facts, they have their own television deal with NBC and are granted special provisions to participate (Note: not compete) in BCS games. In the years they don’t qualify for a BCS game, Notre Dame receives an automatic $1.3 million and in years they qualify they are given $4.5 million. Normally, BCS conference champions receive $17 million. The difference is that everyone except Notre Dame has to split the earnings between the rest of the teams in their respective conference. Divide $17 million by 11 teams and each team receives 1.42 million.

What’s my point?

In the years they don’t get to a BCS game they still almost receive as much as a team that does. In the years they do make it (even last year when it was completely undeserved) they receive rough 70% more money than any other team.

Still, this is not good enough for Notre Dame and Athletic Director Kevin White hopes to renegotiate its BCS deal when the BCS and Fox open contract talks.


It is the equivalent to your 19 year old daughter spending all of her college money in the first semester, failing all of her classes and still having the audacity to ask for even more money than before. I can hear it now, “But daddy, I was your favorite. How can you do this to me?”

The Notre Dame MythBuster

The argument is that Notre Dame is important to college football. They have the largest national audience and college football is better off when Notre Dame gains visibility. This point may have some traction, but it’s been losing credibility, as well as even a hint of factual evidence for some time. Lou Holtz, Bob Davie and Ty Willingham will be the first to tell you that the golden dome is now a slippery slope to climb.

If the Irish are so “important” than why is college football more popular now than ever? According to this Harris Poll for 2007, college football’s popularity has never been better. 13% of Americans prefer college football over any other sport. Compare that to when Notre Dame was actually good and it is obvious the Irish are completely full of themselves. In 1993, the last time they had the talent to compete with the best, college football was only the favorite sport for 8% of Americans. This data was not collected in 1988, when Notre Dame won their last championship, but in 1989 CFB’s popularity was at an all-time low of 6%.

This is shocking, considering the media has been shoving Notre Dame mystique down our collective throats. Notre Dame fans speak of the past like the same holds true today. The four-horsemen are long gone, folks. Right now you’re stuck with a arrogant Charlie Weis and an offense that just lost the greatest QB of all-time; the most hyped #22 NFL Draft pick, ever.

Still, I’m the first to admit that nobody likes to see Notre Dame lose more than me. This begs the question: Is college football better off when Notre Dame is mediocre? Like watching Suddam Hussein hang or Sanjaya Malakar (American Idol) sing, I know it will be ugly but have to watch anyways.

Please Domers, don’t ask for more money. Until you shed your freshman 13 (pounds gained by girls just entering college) and earn good grades, you can’t ask Daddy to give you more money. This shows a lack of respect. This shows arrogance. This shows desperation.

They will not join a conference for 1 reason and 1 reason only: money. Sure they are scared. Sure they know that they will lose more games. But the reality is, as long as the old man keeps forking over cash, they will never learn that the Notre Dame Mystique has fast become the greatest myth of all.

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