Hosting a New Year’s Eve Poker Party

Are you looking to host a New Year’s Eve Party this year and need some ideas? Well you have come to the right place. I like to do theme parties especially at New Year’s and one of my favorites is a Poker Party. Now if you have lots of friends who are unfamiliar with card games it may bore them to tears.

However if you do play cards from time to time with a group, invite them over for a New Year’s Eve Poker Party. But the key is making other kinds of entertainment available for those who do not wish to play. On you get to learn more about poker games and different poker games that you can play with your friend and relatives as you host a new-year party.

If your home is roomy enough then there is no problem. I do have my own Poker Table but I often rent one or two more depending on the number of guests I expect to attend. You can rent one from event planner type businesses so you don’t need to go to the expense of purchasing a poker table for the party. One advantage of multiple tables is people can play different poker games at each table if that is the desire.

Before everyone gets there and starts drinking a little, make sure of what games you want to play. I like to keep a rules book around for card players who may not be familiar with all the games. I strongly advise using a copy of the Book of Hoyle which is widely accepted as “The” rule book of card games. You can pick them up anywhere and here is a good one at

If the New Year’s Eve Poker Party is going to have more than two card tables going you need to buy multiple decks of cards. I like to have two decks per table for each Poker Party I throw. Sometimes the brand new decks of cards are slick and want to fly all over the place during the shuffle. If you have a little baby powder to lightly sprinkle the cards with, this will stop them from being so slick.

If you are playing for money (only if legal in your area of course) then you want to buy some poker chips. My friends and I use them even though we only play for small stakes. This isn’t Vegas it is a New Year’s Eve Poker Party. You can simply go to or order online from Walmart. They have a decent range of prices on their poker chips.

Often to keep any hard feelings from arising with the alcohol blood levels we just play Gin Rummy for points. You can have tournaments going if you have multiple guests and tables. That way everyone plays with different people during the night and can mingles and socialize better with each other. Here is a good article about party theme ideas from that has some advice about Poker Parties.

We keep the music down low playing some 70’s stuff or Pop from this time era. But nobody wants loud thumping music when playing cards. For refreshments we may have some finger sandwiches but it is mostly chips and dip. Maybe some pretzels and peanuts to go with the beer if that is being served. If you feel the need to cater, then they can help you with what to serve for a less formal party.

If possible try to keep the drinking AT the poker tables to a minimum especially if you rent them. Spills tend to occur as Midnight creeps up on New Year’s Eve.

I really think a New Year’s Eve Poker Party is the way to go for some of us who like a laid back party. You don’t have to get drunk and howl at the moon to have a good time with your friends.